Lyle Okihara introduced himself to me at Cars & Coffee and asked me if he could shoot pictures of

my ACR.  He described his photo studio and wanted to use my ACR in his ad campaign.  In exchange,

I would get to shoot pictures of my car and learn a whole lot about the Professional world of photography.

Lyle is an established and very well known professional photographer in Southern California. 

He was Photographer of the Year in Orange County 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Early the following morning, I met Lyle at his studio.   WOW, Absolutely Incredible !

After prepping the car, we dollied it into the White Drop.  Lyle lowered the huge light box

down and then helped me set up my Nikon.


One of the biggest problems shooting pictures of cars is controlling the light.

Sunlight always puts hot spots on the car or there is incredible glare.

I love these two shots.


I am certainly no Professional but absolutely love the pictures I came home with.

The experience and tutoring I received from Lyle was incredible and want to thank him for the

chance to do this.

Lyle's new website is

To learn more about Lyle visit